Optional Removable Med Bag

*750 pound rating

*Lightweight Ballistic bottom material

*Weighs 2.5 pounds

*15 inches wide by 3 inches high (rolled up)

‚Äč*Washable and Reuseable


RescueLift Systems Law Enforcement  Litter was designed to allow officers to safely and rapidly remove injured patients from hostile or dangerous situations. The RescueLift LItter will allow officers to reduce their fatigue factor when attempting to extricate a person thereby increasing their combat effectiveness in life threatening situations. The RescueLift Litter can be used in remote locations where a victim or fellow officer is unable to ambulate on their own. The physical exertion involved in moving a patient is greatly reduced while providing additional control of the patient with built in restraints. Litter has a tow strap for pulling victims easily. An optional removable Med bag can store tourniquets, chest seals, and bandages.