Our Tactical litter becomes semi-rigid when deployed and patient is strapped in. Not quite as rigid as a backboard but stiffer than those tarps and one use soft stretchers that leave patients bending in half. Our litter makes moving patients easier on the rescue team and more comfortable on the patient. See why we are the best, give us a call.

The RescueLift Tactical Litter is custom made for the rapid deployment in situations where seconds count. Easily load, secure, and move a patient to a safe area with our patented design. Designed to minimize the fatigue factor for the rescuer, the patient can be lifted (by 2 or more), or dragged (by 1 or 2) to maintain an increased combat readiness. This litter weighs just 4.5 lbs. and rolls up to 15 "w x 7"h .

We also offer a Extended Life Bottom (training version) with replaceable bottom ballistic nylon pads. We have added an optional removable Med Bag which can carry tourniquets, chest seals, and bandages.  Uses include active shooter incident, aircraft isle ways, buses, trains, and schools. Because of its versatility many of our customers use this model daily on their rescue and  supervisor vehicles.

750 pound rating

Heavy Ballistic bottom

4.5 pounds

15 inches wide x 7 inches high (rolled up)






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